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Regional history is a field in the historical sciences made up of professionals who undertake historical work in regional perspective.


Regional history operates with research questions connecting time and space (history and regions) on any scale (from localities to international level). National states do not have any special role in the research work. In regional history, regions are understood as evolutionary processes. Borders, belonging, localities, and minorities are potential but not the only subjects of research.


The International Society for Regional History (ISRH) is a professional association of those concerned with regional history. It is a non-governmental organization created in order to promote the importance of regional history through international cooperation.



  • Create an international network of regional history individuals, as well as organizations and academic programs that support regional history work.
  • Facilitate the international exchange of information on research, practice, and teaching in regional history.
  • Foster participation of regional historians and their organizations in international congresses and other meetings of scholars and practitioners in the field and especially in the ISRH’s biannual Conference.
  • Promote and facilitate the diffusion of research results and of collaborative work (publications, common projects, etc.) developed by ISRH’s institutional and individual members.
  • Encourage the formation of national committees of historians working in the field of regional history.

The Diversity Regional History

Compare with discussion in Sulevi Riukulehto (ed.), Regional History between Time and Space. In Between Time and Space (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015), pp. 1–21.